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Continuing dependence on developing and maintaining large print collections has compelled many large academic
libraries in the United States to address chronic shelving overcrowding and the growing need for learning spaces. There
are numerous examples of the diverse storage solutions applied by universities and large public libraries.
A thorough investigation of these possibilities in the last few years has shown that the University at Buffalo Libraries'
dire space needs are best served by leasing an off-campus, made-to-order, compact storage facility from a commercial
building developer. A report by a SUNY-hired, library space planning expert has corroborated this position.
This new facility is now a reality. Following the general guidelines that Harvard and other
institutions have used to build high-density storage facilities, the UB libraries Annex has been
constructed and is located on Rensch Road across Home Road near UB's North Campus.
To relieve overcrowding of book stacks in all of the UB Libraries, and to provide minimal space
for continuing growing of collections, the new high-density center will house about 1.5 million
volumes. The Annex also included a reading room, a document delivery center, staff work areas
and parking.
Moving materials to the Libraries Annex will provide some
opportunities to redesign existing library space to enhance study facilities, computer areas,
and learning spaces. However, transferring 1.5 million volumes to the Libraries Annex
provides about 10 years of essential growth space for print collections which will continue
to require over 75 miles of shelving.
Monday-Friday, 8:30am to 5pm
The Annex is located close to both UB campuses, on Rensch Road across Sweet Home Road from UB's North Campus.
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