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Western Archives -Frequently asked questions
General Information about Western Archives
The ARCC Facility
Where is the ARCC facility located?
Where can I park?
How do I arrange a tour of the ARCC facility?
Do I need an appointment to use archival materials stored in the ARCC facility?
Can I borrow materials from the ARCC facility?
Access and Services
What should I expect during my visit to the Reading Room?
Why does Western Archives have so many rules?
How does provincial legislation affect research?
What do the location loan codes in the Shared Library Catalogue mean?
How do I cite the material that I use?
What do I need to know about copyright?
Can I photocopy materials?
Is microform copying available?
Can I make copies of photographs, maps etc?
What is included with records management?
What is included with archives services?
Donations and Transfers
Donation of Personal Papers of Individual Faculty Members
University Records
Archival Material
Where is the ARCC facility located?
Western Archives is located in the Archives and Research Collections Centre (ARCC) which is adjacent to The D. B. Weldon Library. Although much of the
facility is accessible only to staff, Western Archives has a public Reading Room that is accessible from the reference hall of The D. B Weldon Library.
The public reading room is used to consult material from the Talman Regional Collection, The Benson Special Collection and Western Archives. Low and
medium use library materials are requested through the Shared Library Catalogue and sent to a pick up location specified by the requestor. In addition to its
extensive collection resources, the Reading Room includes wireless capability, a mircoform reader printer, a photocopier and access to the Shared Library
Catalogue via a PC and a SunRay.
Where can I park?
Visitor parking is available nearby. Click here for more information.
How do I arrange a tour of the ARCC facility?
Individual or group tours can be arranged by telephoning 519 661-2111 ex.81111 or emailing Western Archives.
Do I need an appointment to use the archival materials stored in the ARCC facility?
An appointment is not required however the majority of items will need to be retrieved from the high density module (closed stacks). Click here to read about
our Reading Room retrieval schedule. You may either call ahead 519 661-2111 x 81111, or email Western Archives to request items in advance of your visit.
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