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University of Minnesota
innesota Library Access Center Collection Deposit Worksheet
Depositing Library: ____________________________Date:____________________
Institution: ___________________________________
Contact Name:_____________________________ Phone Number:_______________
Email address:_____________________________ Fax Number:_______________
1. Description of Materials to be Deposited (complete separate forms for each collection)
2. Are these items listed in a web-accessible catalog? yes no
What is the URL for the catalog? http://__________________________
Once transferred to MLAC, how will these items be listed in your catalog?
3. Estimate of Quantity (volume count, piece count, or linear measurement)
4. Loan Period: Standard 6 Week In Library Use Only
All periodicals are restricted to Andersen Library use only.
5. Format Exception/Special Needs:
6. Requested Delivery Date:____________________
7. Delivery Method: Arrange by MLAC/MINITEX (depositing library pays all
costs) Payment Method:______________________________
Arrange by depositing library
To be Completed by MLAC Staff
Collection Description Approved
Format Exception(s) Granted
(Written agreement attached)
Quantity Approved
Loan Period Approved
Delivery Date:_______________________
Date: ______________________
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