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University of Minnesota
MINITEX/LDS Joint Standards Review Task Force. Systems staff for depositing libraries shall discuss
the bibliographic records available for their materials with the MnLINK coordinator at the University of
Minnesota Libraries, Twin Cities, before sending material for deposit. (A separate document,
“Requirements for Contribution of Bibliographic Records,” provides guidelines concerning the format
and submission of these bibliographic records.)
2.6 Ownership of Materials Current plans call for each depositing institution to retain ownership of
materials it sends to MLAC. To assure appropriate use of MLAC, it is expected that deposited materials
are intended for permanent storage. Deposited materials may continue to be counted among the
holdings of the depositing library.
2.7 Catalog or Inventory Control System --MLAC will use the system designated by the University of
Minnesota Libraries, Twin Cities, working cooperatively with MINITEX.
2.8 Scheduling Immediacy of need for deposit in MLAC, availability of space in MLAC, and MLAC
operating requirements will be considered when scheduling receipt of deposits.
2.9 Accession Process --MLAC staff will:
a) Process items for storage, which includes sizing, boxing and shelving.
b) Keep all necessary accession records up-to-date.
c) Implement a record-keeping process for stored materials to ensure quality and accuracy.
d) Maintain statistics.
2.10 Maintenance of the Collection/Preservation --MLAC staff will monitor for climate control, fire
protection, and security safeguards. Deposited materials will be handled in a manner consistent with
preservation of the items.
2.11 Permanent Return to Depositing Library If needs change, staff of depositing institutions may request
that an item be removed from MLAC and be returned by submitting a written request to the MLAC
manager on their library’s stationary.
a) If the item is in MLAC, it will be processed and returned to the depositing library.
b) If the depositing library has already checked the item out from MLAC, only the written request is
required to remove the record from MLAC inventory software.
c) If another library has borrowed the item from MLAC, it will be recalled for the depositing library.
2.12 Return to Library Because of High Use --If an item has been checked out twice in the same year by
the depositing library, MLAC staff will alert depositing library staff about the repeated use. Depositing
library staff will be asked to review the item’s status.
Access to Collections
3.1. Introduction Primary access to materials deposited in MLAC is through lending and photocopy
services to individual users through their local libraries. MLAC performance targets call for material
requested through interlibrary loan by noon to be sent out the same day. Materials in MLAC may be
used by any library user on-site in Andersen Library.
3.2 Operation for Access --MLAC staff will:
a) Retrieve requested items from the stacks.
b) Scan or check out items.
c) Prepare items for shipment via the appropriate delivery method.
d) Process returned items.
3.3 On-Site Services
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