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Completing the Deposit Request Form:
Once a library identifies material to store in MLAC, staff should complete and submit the
Collection Deposit Worksheet at the end of this packet. Please submit the form at least 30 days in
advance of planned collection delivery. Depending upon workload, MLAC staff may limit the
amount of material that can be delivered at one time.
Complete this form even if you are unsure whether the format or condition of materials meets
storage criteria. MLAC staff will try to accept various formats if the material can conform to
high-density storage requirements and meet other requirements for deposit.
Description of materials to be Deposited: Include the format and type of material, the
collection of origin, and a general description of condition. For example:
Bound periodicals from local storage, brittle paper but intact text blocks.
~or ~
Newspapers on 3.5 inch microfilm reels, each reel separately boxed from
library’s periodical collection.
Estimate of Quantity: This is required so MLAC can estimate the amount of space the
collection will require and estimate the time it will take to process. Any of the three
measurements listed on the Deposit Request Form are acceptable. Please note: we cannot
accept title counts.
Loan Period: Except for periodicals, which are limited to photocopy or Andersen
Library use only, the depositing library can specify either a 6 week loan to all borrowers
or a six week loan for “In Library Use Only” at the requesting library. Materials that
have different lending policies should be packed separately and indicate which loan
length applies.
Format Exceptions/Special Needs: If the items to be deposited are all or in part non-
paper based or have at least one dimension greater than 32 cm., note that here even if it is
mentioned under the description of materials. Also list any special requirements for
handling or storage.
Requested Delivery Date: This is the approximate ideal date for the depositing library to
deliver the materials to MLAC. The actual date will depend on MLAC workload.
Delivery Method: The depositing library is responsible for all costs associated with
delivery of material to MLAC. MINITEX will assist in arranging delivery if requested.
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