132 · SPEC Kit 295
University of Minnesota
Deposit Request Approval: After the Minnesota Library Access Center Collection Deposit
Worksheet is received by MLAC staff, it will be reviewed to assure that the material is suitable
for high density storage, that the records format is compatible, that the required shelf space is
available, and that the delivery date does not conflict with other collection deliveries. Any
questions or problems must be resolved before the request is approved. MLAC staff will make a
concerted effort to fulfill a request, but it may be necessary to develop a creative solution or
compromise. Once approved, a memorandum of agreement will be prepared for signing by
MINITEX and the depositing library.
Collection Preparation: Before a collection is moved, it must be dusted and inspected for mold
or infestation. Under no circumstance will items with obvious mold bloom or active insect
infestation be added to MLAC. If possible, collections should be kept in shelf order during
preparation and the move. MLAC will page materials from collections held for processing.
Local Records: The decision to maintain records for MLAC items in the depositing library’s
catalog is at the discretion of library staff. Please remember that the depositing library retains
ownership. If local records are maintained, MLAC advises but does not require that the records
indicate both local ownership and off-site storage.
Delivery Arrangements: Shipping costs depend on weight and distance. At the present time
MINITEX can assist in getting hundred-weight U.P.S. delivery at a competitive cost. Twin Cities
area libraries may choose to arrange direct delivery of their materials to MLAC. In all
circumstances, MLAC should be notified of the delivery arrangements and estimated time of
arrival at MLAC. MLAC is a secure facility and deliveries could be held up if the transport
cannot enter the facility.
Packing items for MLAC Delivery: Unless a professional moving company is hired to haul the
collections, the job of packing is the depositing library’s responsibility. An inventory is not
required by MLAC but may be done if considered useful by depositing library staff. There are
three options for packing:
Gondolas: These resemble oversized book trucks made of plywood. Because of the high
capacity and ease of loading, this method is ideal for moving a large number of volumes.
MINITEX has access to a few gondolas for local use or they can be rented from moving
companies (depending on the moving company, these are also known as carts, box trucks,
or book trucks). Transporting gondolas requires a loading dock at the depositing library
and a container truck. Remember that rented gondolas must also be returned to the rental
Boxing: This is a simple option that can get complicated and time consuming. Please use
boxes that have uniform dimensions and are no larger than 1.75 cubic feet. Pack the
boxes as full as possible. During transport the boxes will likely be stacked boxes of
different sizes or not completely filled increase the chance of boxes falling over and
damaging the contents. Label the boxes sequentially. It is not necessary to indicate the
total number of boxes on each box, instead include a separate total count.
MINITEX Bins: Small quantities of books for MLAC can be added to the MINITEX
courier bins but must be clearly marked for MLAC accession.
Shipping Manifest: Please include a separate manifest indicating the total number of
gondolas or boxes shipped, the library of origin and a contact person. Attached is a map
and directions to the MLAC loading dock for delivery personal.
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