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University’s Library Annex
Frequently Asked Questions
1.What is the Annex?
2. Can I go to the Annex?
3. Is there a Staff Member at the Annex all day?
4. What types of books are at the Annex?
5. How can I get books from the Annex?
6. How many books can I request from the Annex?
7. Why is there a limit?
8. How soon will I get my requests?
9. Will someone contact me when my request is available?
10. What happens if there is a problem with my request?
11. What type of problems am I likely to run into with my requests?
12. How can I tell what is available from the Annex?
13. I’m not sure what I need. Can you help?
14. How can I talk to someone at the Annex?
1. What is the Annex?
The annex is an off site facility that is currently used to house around 275,000 books and
around 15,000 microfilm. The interior is climate controlled with temperature and humidity
regulation in order to provide the best environment for these items.
2. Can I go to the Annex?
The Annex is a closed facility and is not open to the public. If there is a large number of items
needed we are equipped to set up a book cart for you at Gorgas Library (note: these types of
request often take longer than normal to fill—see Question #8) However, if there is a serious
research need that warrants a visit and that we cannot accommodate at Gorgas then
arrangements can be made for you to visit the Annex.
3. Is there a staff member at the Annex all day?
There is not a Staff Member at the Annex for the entire day. The Annex Supervisor’s office is
located at Gorgas Library and the day is spent divided between the two locations.
4. What types of books are at the Annex?
There are several qualifications that can get a book sent to the Annex. Most items are books
that have not circulated in some time, but there are a few items that are there for
preservation purposes. Also, several Journal series that are now available electronically have
been moved.
5.How can I get books from the Annex?
All items are available by request through the Libraries’ web site. It is on the menu used to
select Holds or Recalls for the particular item.
6. How many books can I request from the Annex?
Undergraduates can have 5 (five) active requests. Graduates can have 10. Faculty can have 25
active requests. As soon as a request is filled more items can be requested.
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