Remote Shelving Services · 53
No Yes The current facility will be full in the next
5 to 8 years, depending on the disposition
of certain on-campus collections. Plans for
locating a larger facility are now in the works.
No Yes As part of the library’s Modernization Plan
developed in 2001 an Automated Retrieval
Cube (ARC) is to be built adjoining the main
No Yes Additional bay to be built as soon as state
funding can be secured.
No No Planning for new regular library addition,
largely of high-density shelving.
Facility is in planning stage
Current Plans In the Next 5 Years
Yes Not additional ones, but a first high-density
facility is in planning stages, nearing the final
stages of approval on campus, and awaiting
determination of funding sources. Planning based
on consultant’s report delivered fall 2005.
Yes Planning already underway and will continue.
Yes Are simultaneously investigating consortial and
local storage solutions. We aren’t certain if a
consortial facility can be created quick enough to
meet pressing current demands.
Yes Ontario academic libraries are investigating
the concept of a consortial solution.
Yes The library has been seeking funding sources
for a state-wide consortium Remote Storage
Facility for several years. This project is part of
our Major Capital funding request and we are
also seeking support from the legislature.
Yes We may partner with another university’s offsite
storage facility.
Yes See Current Plans.
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