52 · SPEC Kit 295
Yes We will develop additional space with compact
mobile shelving in on the same floor as the
current facility. It will house approximately
No Yes We have space available to add new shelving
areas within the existing facility.
No We are looking at a possible replacement of our
current facility when our lease expires in 2012.
Yes Preliminary planning phases have already
started and consultants have recently prepared
a written report on a new facility concept.
No Long term at this point, but there is space to
build another module beside the first.
Yes Planning only.
No Yes Planning for additional storage space will
begin in 2007/08. Funding for drawings and
construction is expected after 2010.
No Yes We are planning to add 2 additional modules,
one which will be a triangle library which will
include UNC and NC State.
No Yes We will add on to our current facility in the
next couple of years. As soon as financing
arrangements are finalized, construction will
be scheduled.
No Yes If funding becomes available, we hope to build
an addition to the NE Ohio facility. Earliest
possible opening would be 2010.
No Yes We will submit a proposal to install compact
shelving on one floor.
No Yes No new facilities but we are planning an
addition to the existing storage caverns. This
high-density storage facility is located in mined
space below ground level planning has begun
for adding to the mined space.
No Yes Discussions are underway with University
Administration to allocate additional existing
space on campus for library storage.
No Yes We currently have two 9,000 square foot
storage modules and we are in the process of
requesting funding for a third 9,000 square
foot storage module.
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