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How To Request An Item From the Annex
You may request an item from the Library Annex in person at the circulation desk or make this
request electronically.
In the Libraries' catalog, find the record for the item you want.
Make sure the location is "Annex".
Click on the Holds/Recalls/Requests at the top of the page.
Enter your Patron ID and last name. Click Login.
From the drop down menu, select Request from Annex.The "number available phrase" tells
you how many remaining items you may check out.
If you want a book, choose Select an Item. If you want a journal, choose Select an Item,
then select the appropriate volume from the pull down menu or you may enter it manually in
the form.
Select the pick-up location. This is where you will pick up the item.
Enter your Patron ID.
Choose Submit Request.
If your request is successful, you will see a message that "Your Patron Initiated Request Was
Successful." If the request was not successful, you will get a message that your request failed.
Need assistance in placing a request? Just ask.
Staff at any of the circulation desks will help you.
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