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Requests for materials located in the Annex may be submitted at any time using an online request form available
via the UB Libraries' website.
Books are retrieved by Annex staff, and charged out on the same basis as other circulating library materials.
In most cases, individual journal articles are transmitted electronically to the requestor's workstation, often within
1 business day. Books are delivered to a campus library or department office within 1 business day.
Q. Is there on-site access for researchers?
The Libraries Annex has a reading room for on-site use of library materials. This space accommodates users who
need access to long runs of journals or large numbers of books.
Virtual browsing is possible via the Libraries online catalog.
Q. Are there examples of successful library off-site facilities?
Many large university libraries, faced with the challenge of maintaining strong print collections, while providing
access to an expanding array of electronic resources, utilize off-site facilities to help solve their storage problems.
85%-90% of institutions in the Association of Research Libraries have ongoing off-site annex initiatives.
The websites listed below provide additional information on library annex facilities:
Harvard University
Cornell University
University of California Northern Regional Library Facility
University of Colorado
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