Remote Shelving Services · 59
“Texas A&M is currently in the early planning stages for two remote storage facilities, so we have no specific
answers that we can supply at this time to any of the questions you have posed. One facility will be on the
perimeter of our campus here in College Station. It will be administered solely by the TAMU Libraries and will
be used largely to house some archival materials and the university records management operation. The other
facility will be a joint venture in Austin with the University of Texas at Austin and it will house parts of the
research collections from each institution. Planning for both of these facilities is just now beginning.”
“We are in final stages of planning to open the University at Buffalo Libraries Annex in summer 2006. Most
policies and procedures are now in place and we are currently hiring Annex staff, and purchasing furniture
and equipment for the Annex. My answers to the above questions reflect anticipated services provided at the
Don’t have a facility
“The library installed an Automated Storage Retrieval System in 2005 in its new Irving K. Barber Learning
Centre. The Centre replaces the old Main Library building and incorporates the storage facility, which replaces
various inadequate on-campus storage areas, including several that were housed in the old Main Library.”
“We are in the process of establishing policies and procedures to discard part of our serial collection that is
available electronically and for which preservation is assured.”
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