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Oak Street Library Facility
Information for Library Staff
General Considerations
Monographic transfers and new serial transfers to the OSLF from departmental libraries will be accepted at the OSLF beginning January 3, 2006.
Beginning January 3, library units do not need prior approval to send material to the OSLF, and there is no limit on the amount of material you can
The following types of serial transfers to the OSLF are currently being accepted:
Superceded volumes when older volumes are already at the OSLF.
Most recent bound volume of serials that are already at the OSLF.
The following preparation activities must be done by or arranged for by the sending library PRIOR to the piece(s) arriving at the OSLF:
Voyager bib and/or holding record maintenance
Barcoding of physical piece(s)
Linking of physical barcode to correct item record in Voyager
Assignment of valid OSLF location code
Assignment of valid OSLF item type
Binding preparation for unbound issues
Stabilization treatment, if needed
Insertion of a valid OSLF transfer streamer produced from the Oak Street Transfers Program at
Packing and shipping arrangements for large quantities of materials
Material Type Guidelines
Print materials, including monographs, bound serials, and archival boxes, are all acceptable. At the present time, there is only a limited amount of
shelving for folio-sized materials please contact John Andrick about availability PRIOR to sending folios.
Unbound issues should be sent first to the Binding Unit with a note on the binding streamer that states that the volume should be sent to the OSLF
after binding. Absolutely no unbound issues of serials will be accepted at the OSLF.
We are looking at options for map storage, but these have not yet been finalized please contact Betsy Kruger PRIOR to sending any maps. Map
storage definitely will be limited in the first module of the OSLF.
Laserdiscs and CD-ROMS can be sent to the OSLF, however they must be in hard protective containers, such as jewel boxes. Please contact
Betsy Kruger prior to sending.
We are looking at options for photograph album storage, but these have not yet been finalized please contact Betsy Kruger PRIOR to sending
any phonograph albums.
The stability of film and magnetic tape (microfilm, microfiche, photographic negatives, motion pictures, video tapes, audio tapes, etc.) differs
depending on its composition. As some types of film deteriorate, they can cause materials around them to deteriorate faster as well. Other types of
film are more stable and do not cause a problem. Please contact Tom Teper to evaluate any film material for its suitability for storage at the OSLF.
No film material will be accepted without it first being approved by Tom Teper.
Updating Voyager Records
You must use the PICK &SCAN functionality in Voyager to make these changes. Making location changes via the "Item -Item Edit" menu in the
Voyager clients will only result in changing the item's permanent location code, but not it's holding location code. PICK &SCAN will allow you to
change both permanent location code AND holding location code. Both must be changed to valid OSLF codes prior to sending pieces. Your PICK
&SCAN screen should look like the one below, except that your location codes and item types may vary.
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