Remote Shelving Services · 39
“Staff attempt to verify location at another NCSU library if catalog record is unclear or if item is not found.”
“The physical item takes one day for campus, two days for statewide delivery.”
“We can in some cases offer same day delivery to the main campus libraries depending on when the request
was placed.”
“We expect a 24 hour (max) scanned digital copy turnaround on articles from journals requested.”
“We fill requests within 24 hours. Facility and service is too new for average turnaround times. Hope to have
this collectable soon.”
“We’ve had to decrease delivery service due to budget cuts for transportation services, so while requests are
processed daily, deliveries are only made three days per week (M-W-F).”
15. Where are materials delivered? Check all that apply. N=62
Physical Item N=62
Library service point of users’ choice 44 71%
Central library service point 38 61%
Faculty office 11 18%
Other location 18 29%
Please describe other location.
Selected Comments from Respondents
“All libraries that participate in MINITEX ILL receive delivery daily from the Access Center.”
“Any departmental office.”
“Any user’s desktop.”
“Archives Reading Room: archives/rare books only.”
“Branch libraries.”
“Default is to owning library.”
“Delivered first to central point. Monographs are sent to any branch or library on or off campus.”
“Delivery to OhioLink libraries, delivery to interlibrary loan libraries.”
“Directly to off-campus patron.”
“For law materials, to Law Circulation and/or directly to faculty offices.”
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