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PASCAL Policies
Materials Eligible for Deposit
Materials in any physical form normally considered
appropriate for library collections may be stored at
PASCAL, if the conditions of this policy are met.
Owning libraries agree to be guided by decisions of
the PASCAL Oversight Committee. Libraries that wish to store materials
outside of these guidelines will be charged accordingly.
General Guidelines
1. Materials in an advanced state of deterioration, infested with mold,
insects, or other vermin, and potentially flammable or destructive
items will not be accepted.
2. Archival materials and artifacts that meet other criteria in this policy
will be accepted for storage.
3. The PASCAL staff is responsible for making a preliminary
determination of duplication and for notifying the depositing library.
The library will be given the opportunity to recall the items or to
instruct PASCAL staff to discard the items.
4. In the case of duplicate items targeted for discard, PASCAL staff
will determine which copies are in the "best" physical condition for
5. A study and review of the duplication policy should be conducted in
two years or when the decision is made to proceed with the next
building phase, whichever happens first.
1. Except in extraordinary cases, each depositing library may store
only one copy of a monographic title. Extraordinary cases include
items of physical value, such as signed or specially bound items.
2. The depositing library is responsible for identifying items of physical
value to alert PASCAL staff. PASCAL staff may not discard flagged
items without consent from the depositing library.
1. Except in extraordinary cases determined by the PASCAL Oversight
Committee, only one copy of a serial title may be stored at
PASCAL, with the following exceptions:
2. One copy of a serial title in an alternate format, for example,
microfiche, may be accepted for storage.
3. Serial holdings from depositing libraries may be combined to form
one complete run of a print serial title.
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