56 · SPEC Kit 295
site as an alternative to retrieving the bound volume for our faculty and/or students.”
“We are looking at the possibility of scanning articles for delivery to our users on campus.”
“Expect to scan and deliver articles and physical items directly from the Annex in the future.”
“We would like to be able to deliver electronic copies of articles to users’ desktops, but cannot due to
Canadian copyright law. Current proposed change to legislation may enable this service to be offered in the
Delivery of Items
“Article delivery service will be added during this calendar year.”
“Delivery to faculty offices in conjunction with faculty delivery program.”
“Document delivery service.”
“Documents/copies/image delivery.”
“Expand article delivery.”
“Interlibrary loan service.”
“Planning is beginning to do document delivery (initially in support of interlibrary loan, but extending services
to campus community).”
“Expand document delivery and retrieval to location of patron’s choice.”
“We would like to be able to deliver photocopies of specific articles as well as digital files via e-mail.”
On-Site Services
“Additional high-density storage, a Preservation Center with state-of-the art conservation equipment,
a computer room for a main distribution center (MDF) for the repository, and work areas for staff are
“User consultation room for archives, manuscript, and long journal run consultation.”
“Enhancement of conservation and development of rare books collections. Enhancement of conservation and
diffusion of research and semi-active collections. Reference services, adapted to all specific needs. Expositions,
seminars, conferences. Improve reading room for onsite users.”
“High-density processing of collection.”
“Expect to purchase Remote Film Access software and carrier for microfilm scanners when commercially
available in summer 2006. This will allow users to advance, rotate, crop, etc., images remotely from film loaded
at the shelving facility.”
“Online circulation from Library Storage Building itself current materials charged via the phone book drop for
returns to the remote site.”
“Reviewing possibilities to process collections on site and to offer desk top delivery in support of ILL/
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