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Can I borrow materials from the ARCC facility?
The ARCC facility holds many types of materials including regional historical material, archival material and low and medium use books transferred from the 6
Western Libraries. The low and medium use material is composed of serials and monographs which circulate out of the ARCC on request. All other material
is used within the ARCC facility. For more detai, please read on.
Archival material is non-circulating and therefore may not be borrowed but may be used in the Reading Room. Click for more information
Low and medium use books stored in the ARCC and the RDL are requested through the Shared Library Catalogue and delivered to pick up
locations in Western Libraries. To make a request from the catalogue, you must have a valid University ID. Click for more information.
Articles from serials, stored in the ARCC and RDL facilities, may be requested via Electronic Document Delivery. A PDF version of the article is
delivered to your computer desktop. The service is accessed from the serial record in the Shared Library Catalogue. Click for more information.
Access to low and medium use materials for non -Western visitors -ARCC or RDL materials, which have the catalogue locations codes listed
below, can be requested by any non-Western person for use within the library, through the assistance of staff at the circulation desks of the 6
Western Libraries.
ARCC Delivery LOAN
RDL Delivery LOAN
What should I expect during my visit to the Reading Room?
Upon entry, you will be given instruction in the use and handling of collection material.
No food or drink is allowed in the Reading Room.
You will be expected to sign in the guest book.
You will have to put any bags/knapsacks in a locker at the front of the room.
Archival and manuscript holdings are held in closed stacks and are retrieved by staff three times daily.
Material is non circulating and cannot leave the room.
Selected materials are available via inter-library loan.
Book and Periodical holdings are available in the Shared Library Catalogue.
Research by staff for family history and genealogy is not available.
Self-serve materials can be found in the Reading Room and include books and periodicals, atlases, and London City Directories.
Notify staff when finished using materials and leave materials on the desks for staff to re-shelve. If returning to use the materials, inform the
reference desk staff to ensure that it is left out for you.
You cannot use pens, markers or highlighters while working in the room -pencils only.
No marks of any kinds may be added to or erased from research materials. Do not rest on, write over or trace any materials. Careless patrons may
have materials withdrawn or withheld.
For books, turn the pages with care -try to touch only in the margins. If you wish to have photocopies made of materials, please consult staff.
The exact order and arrangement of materials must be maintained. If any mistake is discovered, report it to a staff member. Do not re-arrange
materials yourself.
Why does Western Archives have so many rules?
Materials in Western Archives are available for persons doing serious research. Many of the materials are unique and valuable. If lost or damaged, they could
not be easily replaced. The rules are designed to ensure the preservation of the materials.
What do the location/ loan period codes in the Shared Library Catalogue mean?
10 location codes are associated with the ARCC and RDL in the Shared Library Catalogue.
ARCC Delivery LOAN Location codes for low and medium use library materials stored in the high density module. These
items are retrieved through the Shared Library Catalogue for delivery to pick up locations
throughout Western Libraries. Materials with these descriptions may not be requested through the
Reading Room. To access these items, press the "Request Item" button in the catalogue and
enter name, University ID and pick up location. Get more information.
RDL Delivery LOAN
ARCC specol NO Loan Location codes for material found in closed stacks. To access these items either telephone: 519
University of Western Ontario
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