40 · SPEC Kit 295
“Fragile and oversized materials are reviewed for transportation considerations at RRCC. Books requested to
fill ILL requests are delivered to ILL staff.”
“Library ‘owning’ the item, especially for archives and other ‘restricted access’ materials.”
“Library Storage Building itself, for walk-in patrons.”
“Off-campus distance education sites and university research stations.”
“Other universities.”
“Science and Engineering library.”
“Storage facility reading room.”
“We deliver to campus library service ‘hubs’ to support further delivery to faculty offices.”
Copy of Item N=45
Original scanned and placed on Web/FTP server for user download 24 53%
Photocopies delivered to library service point of users’ choice 20 44%
Original scanned and e-mailed as PDF to user 14 31%
Photocopies delivered to central library service point 13 29%
Photocopies faxed directly to user 10 22%
Other location 11 24%
Please describe other location.
Selected Comments from Respondents
“ARIEL is used to deliver requested items directly to other libraries in the TRLN consortium.”
“Copies delivered to departmental offices.”
“Copy mailed directly to user.”
“ILL service.”
“Originals are returned from the facility to a central library location. Library staff will photocopy or scan articles
for faculty and staff for a fee. Photocopies will be mailed to patron’s office if requested. Scans are sent via e-
mail if requested.”
“Original scanned and sent via Ariel.”
“Photocopy requests come through ILL system and are delivered to ILL staff.”
“Sent to on-campus addresses for faculty, staff, and graduate students only.”
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