50 · SPEC Kit 295
Yes Additional modules will be built over coming
years for a total storage capacity of around 7
million volumes. Next module will be built in
Yes Second module scheduled for 2007.
Yes The library’s space needs have not been met
by the first collections vault. We need to add
another 6-aisle vault to the facility to meet the
immediate collection space needs on campus.
Yes We hope to find the partners and campus
support necessary to break ground as soon as
Yes Very preliminary plans for expansion. Yes Planning for expansion could begin within 5
Yes Negotiations are underway for sharing an
addition being built at the Library Service Center
to be shared with TRLN members Duke, NCSU,
and NCCU.
Yes Construction of the LCS new module is
imminent and should be completed in 18 to
24 months.
Yes Investigating options. Yes The current facility is nearly full, so we are
investigating options.
Yes Planning monies were received to build an
additional module to hold 1M volumes. Capital
monies were NOT funded.
Yes Expect state capital monies in FY 2008–09.
Yes Adjacent space to current facility is available and
we are considering sharing it with our branch
Yes We’ve already held meetings to discuss
acquiring and using the adjacent space.
Yes A high-density facility has been placed on the
university’s capital construction schedule.
Yes The existing facilities are near capacity.
Precluding construction of a new facility,
renovation of additional storage space will
become necessary.
Yes Preliminary investigation of off-site remote
storage facility.
Yes Plans at very preliminary stage now.
Yes An extension of the current facility. Yes
Yes An Archival Storage/Remote facility. Yes As mentioned above, an Archival Storage/
Remote facility.
Yes Second module of Library Storage Facility. Yes Will begin this spring.
Yes Preliminary planning for expansion or new
facility for 4–5 years out.
Yes A second facility has been proposed to the state
legislature, but approval was delayed. May hire a
consultant to do a formal assessment and plan.
Yes See Current Plans.
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