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material which we feel does not need to be browsed by users. Our plans are to put archival storage materials,
elephant folios, and serials into the ASR. This will allow us to keep monographs available on the open shelves
for browsing.”
“Current facility is a complete replacement for a previous shared facility of slightly smaller size used from
“Two full-time support staff work at the remote shelving facility. Existing librarians, support staff, and student
assistants in the Access Services, Bibliographic Control, and Preservation Departments have taken on new
duties in processing Library Annex materials.”
“One interesting note is that 25% of the items circulated out of the shared storage facility circulate to
members of our INN-REACH consortium (there are 4 members of PASCAL, all included in the 23 member
“Our storage facility is not remote in that it is located on the central campus in the basement of our
Undergraduate Library.”
“ReCAP is a consortium formed by Columbia University, the New York Public Library, and Princeton University
to own and run this remote shelving facility.”
“Services were disrupted from the remote storage facility in 2005 because of the installation of heating and
ventilation equipment in the area to service other parts of the building. Use was reduced as a result.”
“Standard operating procedures have been reported, but we are flexible when we have unusual or time-
sensitive requests. We also will bring items back from remote storage for longer time periods, such as a full
semester for a class. Staffing is so low because we are making almost no deposits since we’re full for all
practical purposes, so the reduced staffing is sufficient for retrievals.”
“The facility is a shared facility, managed by the U of MN/MINITEX. Sixty percent of the space is reserved for
the U of MN libraries and 40% is for the other libraries in the state.”
“The Segway vehicle (equipped with two side-saddle bag carriers) is very convenient for retrieving materials
within the facility as well as making deliveries to other locations on campus.”
“We were retrieving materials from McLafferty Annex the entire time we were moving materials into it
(September to November 2005). I only included statistics from November to December since we were also
retrieving materials from the closed library floors during September and October (while we were moving the
materials) and we didn’t differentiate where we were retrieving the materials. The bulk of the move had taken
place by November.”
Facility is in planning stage
“Planning is at such a preliminary stage that we aren’t able to answer many of the questions. Are just now
having discussions with other libraries and touring existing storage facilities.”
“Planning is underway for a 500,000 high-density storage facility attached to one of the libraries on campus.
Construction is expected to begin May 2006.”
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