Remote Shelving Services · 57
Document Delivery.”
“Storage rental to non-Cornell customers deliver materials to non-Cornell service participants other core
services on demand.”
“We are considering on-demand paging.”
“We hope to offer onsite use in the future no date yet. Hurricane Katrina caused severe staff shortages.
Everything is currently on hold.”
“When the new space is completed we are planning to provide copying and scanning services.”
“Wireless Internet connection for onsite users.”
“The Addition will provide retrieval within minutes of what is in the ASR in addition, we will likely provide
digital delivery of journal articles to students and faculty, particularly those in the sciences and law.”
“In the next year a review of the 20-year-old service model will be undertaken to address new needs and
Don’t have a facility
“The Council of Ontario University Libraries is exploring the possibility of establishing a remote shelving facility
for use by its 20 members.”
“The remote shelving facility that we are envisioning would include delivery on demand of physical copies,
digitization of copies whenever possible, and limited public access by researchers.”
Additional Comments
24. Please enter any additional information regarding remote shelving facilities and services
available to your library that may assist the authors in accurately analyzing the results of this
survey. N=23
Selected Comments from Respondents
Have a facility
“A problematic survey for us. Our three facilities are rather distinct. Annex 1 takes the bulk of our materials
now, so meets the requested definition of ‘primary facility.’ The SRLF shared UC facility houses many more
volumes, but has not been able to accept very many volumes in a number of years. The second Annex, as
described above in new facilities, serves a different purpose altogether than the first annex.”
“[We are] going against the grain of most research libraries by providing access onsite via an ASR system to
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