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University of Minnesota
Minnesota Library Access Center
Elmer L. Andersen Library
222 21st Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55455
For more information about MLAC contact:
Timothy McCluske
612. 626-8695
~~Kate Brownrigg Chad Gilman
612. 625-9054 612. 624-7061
An Introduction to MLAC:
Minnesota Library Access Center is operated by MINITEX Library Information Network that
provides a secure, climate-controlled environment for high density storage of important but less
frequently used collections owned by libraries throughout Minnesota. Materials in MLAC are
available to all Minnesota residents and students.
MLAC provides:
Storage for approximately 1.2 million volumes from around the state.
A constant year round temperature of 62 degrees F and an average humidity of 50%.
Collection security through a sophisticated key card system and no direct public
access to the shelves.
How MLAC Works:
Materials are sorted by both width and height to achieve the highest storage density
Items are then placed in acid free cardboard trays.
Each tray is assigned a shelf location. Every item in the tray receives a label that
identifies the tray in which it is stored.
The record for each item in a tray is updated to indicate the assigned tray as the item
call number.
The tray is shelved in its designated location.
MLAC staff can process up to 30,000 items a month.
MLAC Limitations:
MLAC is designed for paper based storage. Its ability to handle other materials or
even non-standard paper formats is limited. A decision to accept those materials is
made on a case-by-case basis by MLAC staff.
At the present time, MLAC does not provide preservation services for deposited
materials. However, MLAC staff can advise libraries on best practices for evaluating
condition, cleaning, and protecting the text block of items for deposit.
Periodicals are limited to either use in Andersen Library or photoduplication of
articles. Ready access to periodical articles is an important factor for all library users.
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