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departments can help you to find suitable items for your research and can also help you in
making the requests. If you are still unsure or the Information Desk is unavailable for you (i.e.
after the library is closed, or if you are off campus), but at least know the series the item you
need is in you can still place a request. There is an option when placing a request that allows
you to enter your own information, and there is also a comment section for you to add any
additional information you might have (note: these spaces have a limited number of characters
(79 for the comment section) that can be entered and anything past that will not be printed on
the request). If we cannot fill the request or need more information we will attempt to contact
14. How can I talk to someone at the Annex?
The best way to talk to some one at the annex is via email. This method gives us something
with concrete information to go by as well a record of the conversation. Email: Ryan McIver. If
you do not have access to the internet then the Annex can be reached by phone at 348-3910
(Gorgas Library: with voice mail) and at 348-3669 (Annex)
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