34 · SPEC Kit 295
11. What collection management services are provided at the facility? Check all that apply. N=34
Conservation treatment for deposited items 11 32%
Scanning and digitization of print or other analog works 9 27%
Records management/destruction 9 27%
Preservation reformatting 5 15%
Other 17 50%
Please describe other service(s).
Selected Comments from Respondents
“Weeding review of book donations.”
“Weeding of physical volumes which are now available online, e.g., journal back files.”
“Basic level preservation wrapping and cleaning of all materials.”
“Conservation treatment is limited to wrapping materials requiring minor reinforcement, or (alternately)
special collection monographs whose bindings we wish to avoid marking.”
“Shrink wrapping to preserve unbound or fragile materials.”
“Some cleaning and housing, but not in-depth work.”
“Vacuuming, cleaning of the materials, freezing treatment.”
“Vacuuming and minor cleaning.”
“Materials are cleaned selectively before entering the storage area.”
“Processing of large manuscript and archival collections carried out onsite.”
“Processing of special collections and archival materials.”
“Item record creation.”
“Microfilming of theses.”
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