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Remote Storage Request
Material with the Remote Storage location is housed in North Lansing. Requested material is picked up
every weekday afternoon by library staff. Items requested before 11 AM Mon-Fri will typically be ready to
pick up that same day by 5 pm. Items requested after 11 AM Mon-Fri will typically be ready to pick up by
5pm the following weekday. Items requested on weekends or after 11 AM on Fridays will typically be ready
for pick up by 5pm Monday. It will be held for ten days and you will be notified that it is ready for pickup by
Requesting a journal? It may be available ONLINE for you to print or download now! Check this list of
journal titles -if yours is here, simply click on it, then click "browse this journal" to find the issue you need!
(Avoid the wait for Remote Storage retrieval and a trip to the library to check it out!)
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Delivery Options (MSU Faculty/Staff, Medical and Gull Lake students ONLY)
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