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High Density Storage
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About High Density Storage
The Penn Library's High Density Storage facility
opened in July 1998 to house low-use research
materials from the Penn Library collection. The
facility, just a few blocks from the main campus, is
located at 3001 Market Street, opposite 30th Street
Station. This facility will hold up to 2 million
volumes and is expected to accommodate the
Library's shelving needs for twenty years, allowing
less-used materials to be removed from core
collections in the 15 Penn Libraries, and ensuring
space for new acquisitions.
Two full-time staff manage the extensive day-to-day operations at the facility, including
retrieving requested material, photocopying articles, shelving newly processed materials,
and assisting members of the public.
High density facilities emphasize shelving efficiency.
Materials are sorted and shelved by size on specially
designed units that stand 18 feet high. We use a special
lift to retrieve volumes stored on the high shelves.
Because of this, the storage portion of the facility is not
open to the public. Instead, requested materials are
delivered twice a day to Van Pelt, and once a day to the
other Penn Libraries.
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High Density Storage
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