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University of Minnesota
Other Issues
Imbedded Security Devices such as tattletape are not a concern for MLAC. MLAC staff
accepts material with or without these security measures. However, since MLAC does
not de-sensitize or de-program items, this may cause conflicts with a borrowing library’s
security control system.
Preservation or Conservation is not provided by MLAC. This includes phase
conservation measures such as portfolios or enclosures. MLAC staff may be able to assist
depositing libraries in preparing items provided arrangements are made in advance.
Ownership is retained by the depositing library. This means that the depositing library
can return to its on-site collections anything it has deposited in MLAC.
Items not Returned by Patron conforms to other MINITEX policies or arrangements.
Requesting Items for Use from MLAC
General Requests
All library users can request materials from MLAC via MINITEX. However, use of periodicals is
restricted to Andersen Library or photocopying. Items that are limited to “In Library Use Only”
can be delivered off site for use in another library. Patrons intending to use items at Andersen
Library or a University of Minnesota, Twin Cites Campus library should request items at least
one day in advance via the online MLAC request form available through the University Libraries’
web site. Please advise users that MLAC staff pages Monday through Friday only and is not able
to offer on-demand paging at this time.
Direct Requests
Libraries may directly request items they have deposited into MLAC this includes items that
would not normally circulate. Request should be submitted via email to .The
request should include the title, author, any volume number, and the local item barcode. The
request should also list the name of the library. Email requests are paged mornings, Monday
through Friday and delivered through the standard MINITEX delivery route.
Permanent Return of Items to Depositing Library
These are the main conditions under which items may be returned to the depositing library:
The depositing library can reclaim any item it has placed into MLAC for any reason.
MLAC staff may return to the depositing library items that are found to have high use by the
depositing library’s patrons.
The item is found to be unsuitable for MLAC storage.
Items to be returned to the depositing library will be de-accessioned from MLAC and delivered to
the library through the most cost-effective means.
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