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Because much of the material in Remote Storage is fragile, delivery via campus mail is not
available. We will hold the item for you at the Main Circulation Desk, or it can be delivered
by library courier to one of our Branch Libraries (where it will be available according to the
same schedule as above). NOTE: Journals available online are an exception --they will not
be delivered to a branch library, but will be held only at Main Library Circulation. Please
indicate your choice below:
Hold at Main Library Circulation for pickup.
Deliver to MSU Branch Library highlighted below.
Biomed Phys Sci Lib
Business, Basement, Law Bldg.
Engineering, 1515 Eng Bldg
Geology, 5 Nat Science
**If you do not have an MSU ID or Library card, you are probably eligible for a "Community
borrower's card" if you meet the following requirements: you are a Michigan resident, at least
eighteen years of age, have picture ID and proof of Michigan residence. Please inquire at the Main
Circulation Desk. If you wish to request US Government Documents from Remote Storage but are
not eligible (or do not wish to obtain) an MSU Community Borrowers Card, please ask for the
Supervisor at the Circulation Desk to place your request or e-mail: kriss@mail.lib.msu.edu
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