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09/22/2006 04:09 PM ReCAP, The Research Collections and Preservation Consortium
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The Research Collections and Preservation Consortium
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The Research Collections and Preservation Consortium (ReCAP) is located at 400 Forrestal Road, on Princeton University's
Forrestal Campus in Princeton, New Jersey. ReCAP is a high-density, environmentally-controlled shelving facility jointly owned
and operated by Columbia University, The New York Public Library and Princeton University. ReCAP was designed and
constructed to provide high-density shelving for library items, an excellent environment for preserving items and an inventory
and retrieval system for easy and sure access to items for library users. ReCAP's environment is ideally suited for the shelving of
all low use items, paper based and sensitive media formats. Most individual items are sorted by size and placed in open-top trays
which are stored on an appropriate-sized shelf, in order to store the maximum number of items in the minimum floor area.
ReCAP's four modules can accommodate approximately seven million volumes using a high density shelving system. The
sophisticated inventory control system keeps track of item locations and produces picking lists for requested items. Items housed
at ReCAP will be identified in the local catalogs with a direct web link to a request form. After a request is received, items will
be delivered next day to consortium members.
Size and Description
ReCAP planning began in February 1999. Ground was broken August 2000 for the state-of-the-art book depository style building
with steel frame tilt-up concrete walls, floors of "very flat" construction, and steel roof. ReCAP's initial phase consisted of three
separate modules for storing items, a processing area and office area. Module 4 came online in 2005. There are 5 receiving docks,
two for van access, three for semi truck deliveries. The total building footprint is 84,296 square feet. Each high-density library
shelving module is approximately 210 feet long, 70 feet wide and 38 feet high, 14,588 square feet. The modules have no
windows. ReCAP's second phase consisted of an additional module of the same size as those in the first phase. The processing
area is 151 feet long by 130 feet wide or 18,736 square feet. The office area is 4,181 square feet. The ReCAP facility is modular
by design, so additional shelving modules can be added as needed. The site will allow for the eventual construction amounting to
218,820 square feet of storage space for 37.5 million items.
The four modules consist of six aisles with 37 ladders (vertical shelving sections) on each side of the aisle. Each ladder
incorporates 30-foot high adjustable shelving, the individual shelves measure 56 inches by 36 inches. Items are reached with a
mechanical fork lift or "order picker" typical of warehouse operations. Guide rails around shelving provide for automatic steering
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