Remote Shelving Services · 49
22. Do you anticipate that planning will begin for new or additional library remote shelving space
in the next 5 years? N=77
Yes 49 64%
No 28 36%
If yes, please describe.
Have a facility
Current Plans In the Next 5 Years
Yes We currently have three remote shelving
facilities. We are working with the university
and architects to design a new facility that will
combine all three collections into one location.
Yes See Current Plans.
Yes We are planning to move materials out of Harper
Storage as well as from other campus libraries
(primarily our Law Library) into an on-site ASR
shelving facility. This facility, presently being
planned and designed, will open in Summer
2009 as an addition to our main flagship library.
Yes As mentioned above, we are planning for a
new on-site ASR facility. A report issued by a
Provost appointed Ad Hoc Faculty Committee
on Space for the Collections successfully stated
the need for an on-site ASR facility (vs. an off-
site high-density shelving facility).
Yes Current facility will expand as need demands,
with new module to be added in 2008.
Yes Planning for additional expansion of current
facility is ongoing.
Yes It is estimated that the facility will be full within
the next 3–5 years.
Yes Discussions have been started about the need
for more space. No formal planning in place.
Yes As the current facility is reaching capacity, we
are beginning to look at alternative solutions
for the long term. Current strategies include
weeding the current facility implementing more
stringent guidelines for depositing materials
exploring shared facilities with other regional
institutions. We have not completely ruled out
the possibility of building or purchasing and
additional facility, but this is the least likely
Yes Planning is underway now. See Current Plans.
Yes Preliminary planning is underway for a compact
storage facility with climate control to be built
closer to the central campus library.
Yes Funding is very uncertain, but will not possibly
be secured in the absence of a plan.
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