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Retrospective Research Collections Center
and Iron Mountain Storage Collections
Collections used less frequently or requiring controlled-environment storage are
housed outside the library and are retrieved weekdays, upon request.
Retrospective Research Collections Center
KSL's Retrospective Research Collections Center houses older materials and/or
materials that are used infrequently enough to be stored outside of the library,
thus making more space available in the library for new or heavily-used
materials. Retrospective Research Collections Center currently houses
approximately 150,000 volumes which appear on catalog as "UL Storage."
Collections at the RRCC include:
older bound periodicals
brittle books
government documents
Case doctoral dissertations
Case masters' theses 10+ years old (sciences, engineering, management)
Case masters' theses 20+ years old (humanities, social sciences)
less frequently-used monographs.
Materials are brought back by request from the Retrospective Research
Collections Center to the Kelvin Smith and Kulas Music Libraries every weekday
Additional information and an online request form is available for weekday
retrievals from the RRCC to the Kelvin Smith Library.
Visiting the Retrospective Research Collections Center
Researchers also may make appointments to visit the Retrospective Research
Collections Center to use materials and have staff assistance. Circulation
services, photocopy equipment, and a study room are also available. Visitation is
by appointment: 216-368-4319
Retrospective Research Collections are located at the Case Cedar Service Center,
10620 Cedar Avenue, one block west of the intersection of Stokes Blvd. and East
107th Street. Visitors are welcome, by appointment. (216-368-4319)
Iron Mountain Collections
Collections that require more controlled storage are housed in the Iron
Mountain/National Underground Storage facility, and are retrieved weekdays if
requested by 2:00 p.m. Books retrieved from Iron Mountain may circulate unless
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