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Don’t have a facility
Current Plans In the Next 5 Years
Yes Just today (3-8-06) the University Librarian
made a presentation to the Board of
Trustees outlining the case for a remote
storage facility to house seldom-used
materials from collections of the 4 libraries
operated by our sponsoring institution.
Data suggests that, if acquisition patterns
remain constant, the facility will be
essential by the year 2012.
Yes Yes, we hope to gain Board approval for
such a facility. It would be needed by 2012.
We are open to the possibility that an
existing structure could be repurposed as the
centralized storage facility, but we are also
preparing cost estimates for construction of a
new facility to be used for this purpose.
Yes We had submitted a funding request for
a remote storage facility and had begun
planning for one. We are now re-evaluating
our need based on the possibility of a
regional storage facility.
Yes A new addition for the main library is near
completion and features an HK robotic
storage facility for 1.2 million volumes.
The facility is connected to the circulation
desk so that it will take about 1 minute to
retrieve a requested item.
Yes Remote shelving facilities are being used
to temporarily store and process materials
displaced by a major flood that occurred
in Oct. 2004. There have been talks about
the need for long-term permanent remote
No Yes Plans to develop additional library remote
shelving facilities is too strong. We will be
establishing a task force to assess collection
shelving needs and identify options for
housing our collections over the next decade.
These options could include identification of
subject areas in which we will limit our goals
for print preservation, options for collaborative
repository with other Indiana libraries,
and collaboration with other campus units
requiring similar storage.
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