Remote Shelving Services · 55
No Yes At some point we will need to evaluate this
service and determine the cost benefits of
developing off-site storage.
No yes The feasibility of remote storage is periodically
No No This is not in the planning stage but we do
need more shelving space. A few years ago
we installed compact shelving spaces in the
basement of the library (accessible to users)
and we are planning saving more space with
our electronic collection.
No No It would depend on Ontario Government
23. Are there any current plans to develop new services for the library remote shelving facility?
Yes 40 54%
No 34 46%
If yes, please describe.
Selected Comments from Respondents
Have a facility
Scanning and Electronic Delivery
“1. Provide electronic copies of articles for on campus patrons 2. Expand Web-based finding aids for
government documents.”
“Addition of on-location scanning/transmission services.”
“As described above, electronic article delivery.”
“Digitization or fax on demand for materials at the facility.”
“Digitize on demand for users mass digitization.”
“May introduce on-demand scanning of microfilm/fiche and microcards.”
“Scan and deliver articles/chapters electronically to all campus patrons.”
“We are looking at providing copies of journal articles that have been scanned and deposited at a secure Web
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