Remote Shelving Services · 19
Owned and/or Managed by:
Institution Consortium System Other Entity
Primary Facility
Shared N=17 6 4 2 5
Not Shared N=46 43 3
Facility 2
Shared N=9 4 5
Not Shared N=9 8 1
Facility 3
Shared N=0
Not Shared N=5 5
Please name other entity.
Primary Facility
Iron Mountain
Johns Hopkins University
Kentucky Underground Storage, Inc.
TriUniversity Group of Libraries (2 responses)
Facility 2
Advanced Record Management Services, Inc. (2 responses)
Duke University
Harvard University Library
Iron Mountain
If your library sends material to more than one remote shelving facility, for the rest of the
survey please base your responses on the facility to which your library sends the most material
(primary facility).
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