46 · SPEC Kit 295
Desktop document delivery implemented five years ago,
with articles scanned and posted to the Web site. (2
To shorten the turnaround time on requests.
Direct processing of Interlibrary Loan requests. To reduce fill time rates.
Electronic article delivery (fee). Convenience for users.
Electronic delivery. Better and expand our service.
Electronic delivery of articles. Improved customer service.
Electronic document delivery. To provide desktop delivery of materials in a more timely
Fax; Delivery to selected library instead of owning library;
Service enhancement.
Formerly retrieved materials twice a week; now retrieve
daily, Monday–Friday.
Increase to the number of pickups and deliveries made
daily—van now makes four runs per day instead of two.
(2 responses)
Increasing volume of materials to be transported, as well
as desire to maintain quick turnaround time on delivery of
materials (volumes and articles).
McLafferty Annex was built in 2005 and we began moving
materials into it starting in mid-September and finished at
the end of November.
To vacate as much of the library while we undergo a
renovation and addition.
More frequent delivery; additional shelving modules
added; also added microfilms and maps to formats
shelved here.
Improve efficiency and speed of delivery.
Next day delivery available, Monday–Friday. (Prior to this,
we had been on once a week retrieval schedule.)
Better patron service tied to increased volume of materials
being deposited at the facility.
Open hours have been expanded; online request service
has been implemented.
These two services were expanded and implemented due
to increase in the collections located in the facility.
Research reading room with wireless Internet connections. Comfort of doing long-term research projects.
Scanning and transmitting PDF. Technology improved.
Scanning and Web document delivery for intra- and
interlibrary loan.
To improve turnaround time for delivery of copies, provide
users with enhanced desktop delivery.
Scanning document delivery to PDF. Efficient; Cost effective; Timely; Excellent public service.
Scanning of resources and delivery of items electronically. User needs anticipation.
Second daily delivery to campus libraries. Scanning articles
for Interlibrary Loans.
More timely service to our patrons.
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