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If the material being requested is boxed archival materials, use your internal inventory records to determine which box the desired material
is in, and using the Voyager circulation client, place a request using the patron's borrower ID.
Voyager will direct this request to the OSLF callslip queue, and material will be retrieved.
You will need to notify us if any special handling procedures need to be followed during shipping so that we can convey these to Library
Upon receipt of material in your unit, it will need to be browsed/discharged via the Voyager circulation client. This will produce a notice of
availability that will be automatically emailed to the requesting patron.
Charge out the items to the patron's ID (or unit ID if that's what you are using). Even though the patron is not physically removing the
material from your unit, charging it out on Voyager will both result in a circ transaction statistic and will provide a tracking mechanism
should you need it.
When patron is finished with the material and prior to sending the material back to the OSLF, discharge the items. This will put the material
into "In Transit to Oak Street" status in Voyager. This status will be cleared when the material is reshelved at the OSLF. It is also
important to discharge the material so that it does not stay on the patron's account and create overdue fines when it reaches its due date.
Ongoing Selection for the OSLF
At any time, subject selectors are welcome to streamer monographs in the Bookstacks for eventual transfer to the OSLF. Simply insert an "Oak
Street" streamer into the piece, and write your initials or your unit name on the streamer. Contact Gil Witte if you need a supply of these streamers.
Do not streamer serials or MSETS instead, fill out the Oak Street Serial and Mset Selection Form and mail it to Gil witte, 203 Main Library.
Bookstacks staff will not transfer any serial title to the OSLF without first obtaining permission from Karen Schmidt or the appropriate selector
To maintain the Bookstacks at a fill capacity of approximately 85%, incoming transfers and new receipts need to be balanced each year with
transfers of other Bookstacks materials out to the OSLF. Betsy Kruger is working with the Collection Development Committee to develop a process
for doing this. Stay tuned.
Procedures for Transferring Items Back from the OSLF to a Departmental Library or Bookstacks
A subject selector can request at any time to have an item at OSLF transferred back to their library or into the Bookstacks. Please email John
Andrick to make these arrangements. Selectors wishing to transfer an entire serial run back from the OSLF into the Bookstacks will need to obtain
prior approval from Betsy Kruger. Approval will depend on space availability in the Bookstakcs if space is problematic, the selector may be asked to
transfer another serial in the nearby vicinity to the OSLF before the transfer can be made.
Beginning in 2008, an annual list of monographs that have circulated from the OSLF more than three times in three years will be produced and
distributed in January. Selectors should review this list and notify John Andrick if there are any titles they would like to have transferred back to
their unit or into the Bookstacks.
If volumes of the same serial title are requested repeatedly by users, we may suggest that the title be returned to the open shelves in a
departmental library or Bookstacks, space permitting.
When to Refer Users to the OSLF
Most users should just request items they need from the OSLF via the online catalog, selecting a pickup location that is most convenient for them.
The OSLF is not listed as a pickup location in the online catalog.
If a user needs to consult a long run of a serial, they should be referred to the OSLF for onsite use in our public reading room. Please tell users
that retrieval may take up to an hour so they should call ahead of time to arrange for retrieval before going over to the OSLF.
the OSLF is located at 809 S. Oak Street near the intersection of Oak and Daniel Streets. This location is approximately 8 blocks from the
Main Library. (Map) Phone number is 265-9476.
If a user ever requests an entire run of a serial to be delivered to a pickup location or via campus mail, OS staff will contact the user and request
that they use the material onsite at the OSLF. There is an OPAC workstation and a photocopy machine in the public reading room.
Rush Requests--CALL 265-9475 or 265-9475
Material is available for on-site pickup or use at OSLF within one (1) hour if we are retrieving a single volume and within two (2) hours if we are
retrieving multiple volumes and IF the phone request is received by 3:30pm for a single volume OR by 2:30pm for multiple volumes. Phone requests
received AFTER these times will be available for onsite pickup or use at OSLF after 9:30am on the next business day. The OSLF is NOT open on
Rush delivery to the Main Circulation Desk--On a limited basis, and to assist patrons who may not be able to easily get to the OSLF, Oak Street
staff may be able to deliver the piece that same day to the Main Bookstacks Circulation Desk that same day, depending upon what time we receive
the request. Please note that this is an exceptional service, requiring an OS staff member to walk or drive the piece over the the Main Library, and
so can only be provided as time and staffing permit. Nonetheless, if you have a situation that warrants this, please inquire as to feasibility when you
call to place your rush request.
There is no such thing as a RUSH request for OS material to be put into Library shipping or into campus mail since there is no way OS staff can
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