48 · SPEC Kit 295
20. Please describe any remote shelving facility service that has been discontinued in the past 5
years. What was the primary reason for discontinuing this service(s)? N=9
Service Discontinued Reason Discontinued
Completion of recording of holdings information in library
Loss of staff member.
Currently our intake is ‘on hold’ as we have filled our
initial purchase of shelving. (We have bought only 1/3 of
the shelving needed.)
Deliveries reduced to M–W–F. Cost reduction.
Photocopy of journal articles. Five years ago we staffed the remote storage facility
with 2 1/2 FTE staff. With budget reductions and greater
demands in other public services areas, staff were
redeployed from the facility.
Photocopying for intra- and interlibrary loan.
Some public service hours in the original Academic
Activities Annex have been eliminated.
Lack of use. Redeployment of staff to higher use facility.
Sunday courier delivery suspended. Patrons did not pick up items on Sundays. Requests very
The legacy storage facility has been discontinued
within the last year, with all collections transferred and
reprocessed (including conservation work within central
library) into the new high-density storage facility.
Improvement of both collection conservation and service
to library users.
Weekend Retrieval Service: Reduced from Saturday and
Sunday during fall/winter to just Sunday, and reduced
from one day to no retrieval on weekends in summer.
Future of Remote Shelving Facilities and Services
21. Are there any current plans to develop additional library remote shelving facilities? N=80
Yes 39 49%
No 41 51%
If yes, please describe.
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