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09/22/2006 04:23 PM Storage Journal or Journal Article Request
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Major (Students)/Dept. (Faculty &Staff):[required]
CASE Faculty
Delivery Information
Library Storage items are retrieved weekday afternoons, Monday through Friday.
Requests received by 3:00 p.m. are generally retrieved by 5:00 p.m.
When material arrives, please: [required]
Deliver to Department through Campus Mail (Photocopy fees added to library account.)
Hold at Kelvin Smith Library (Photocopy fees may be paid when you pickup your item.)
Only photocopies may be delivered to departments.
Not needed after: [mm/dd/yr]
Item/Material Information (Journal)
*NOTE: The Library reserves the right to LIMIT the number of items retrieved per person per day, based on
time and staffing constraints. Library staff will help people prioritize multiple requests for efficient retrieval
and use.
Requests for large amounts of materials will be prioritized. If you anticipate needing large runs of items we
can help coordinate retrieval(s) with your research needs. Smaller deliveries provide safe handling and
storage for items retrieved to Kelvin Smith Library.
Verify title holdings and location in EuclidPLUS, the online catalog, before submitting a retrieval request.
You can also use the bibliographic information in EuclidPLUS to copy &paste to this form.
**NOTE: Same-day retrieval is not guaranteed without article title or page numbers and author.
A journal may have multiple articles by one author--title and/or pages expedite the retrieval.
Journal Title:[required]
Volume number:[required] Year:
**Article Title or Pages to be copied [optional, entire journal may be retrieved]:
Source of citation:
Additional comments
NOTE: A copy of this completed request will be e-mailed to you. This assures you that your request
has been received in the office, and enables you to keep track of what you have ordered.
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