130 · SPEC Kit 295
University of Minnesota
Item Selection Criteria
Books, magazines, and other library materials may be stored in MLAC. Deposited items must
have been determined to have lasting value permanent storage is not a substitute for responsible
de-acquisition decisions. The staff reserves the right to reject material, which, in its judgment, is
either too fragile for use, is in very poor condition, or is not suitable for high density storage.
Retention of multiple copies is at the discretion of the MLAC staff. Libraries electing to deposit
material in MLAC will retain ownership of their materials.
Types of material suitable for MLAC storage:
MLAC is only suitable for storing low use items.
All print-based materials will be considered for deposit. While MLAC is designed primarily for
print and paper-based materials, other formats will be accepted if they meet the standard for high
density storage.
An item is a candidate for high density storage if it can be sorted by its physical factors to
fully utilize shelf space. Examples of formats not suited for high density storage are
motion picture film, maps, and data tapes. Items can be rejected if the physical
dimensions of the collection or the weight of the media make high density storage
impractical. A few non-standard items from an otherwise acceptable collection may be
included if approved by MLAC staff.
Material Types
Books yes
Unbound periodicals with limitations
Bound periodicals yes
Bound newspapers with limitations
Unbound newspapers no
Archival collections no
Realia or artifacts no
Microfilm with limitations
Photographic film (all types) no
Microformats with limitations
Video or audio tape no
Data tape no
Maps no
Condition of Material
All items must be free of loose dust and debris. No items with mold, mildew, or insect infestation
will be accepted. Items must either have an intact text block or appropriate enclosure. Items with
detached pages are allowed provided the pages remain in the text block.
Duplicate or Multiple Copies
MLAC staff reserves he right to reject an item if a duplicate item in better condition has been
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