32 · SPEC Kit 295
“Electronic delivery of articles and book chapters.”
“MINITEX provides electronic delivery to Minnesota ILL requests.”
“Scanning and electronic delivery.”
“We will scan journal articles for faculty members if they are not already available electronically.”
“Electronic delivery of article copies.”
Delivery of Item
“Delivery of copies of theses (only).”
“Delivery of items to libraries and off-campus pickup sites.”
“Fax, delivery to requested library location.”
“Loan deliveries via campus mail to faculty and staff.”
“Mailing items to campus offices.”
“Unfilled requests are routed to interlibrary loan.”
On-Site Services
“Direct access to the collections.”
“Study carrels for extended use of materials on site.”
“Escorted service if extensive number of volumes needed for quick review.”
“Onsite visits, free onsite photocopying, use of study offices and microform readers onsite.”
“Research Rooms are available to use materials housed in the remote site.”
“Walk-in service.”
10. Does your remote shelving facility allow onsite user access? N=62
Yes 38 61%
No 24 39%
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