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Library Materials in ARCC and RDL
Overview: In addition to its role as the home of the University Archives and the Regional and Special Collections, the Archives and Research Collections
Centre (ARCC) and The Research Depository Library (RDL) hold a large number of low and medium use print journals and monographs in a high density
environment. These items are stored in specially designed book trays and placed on a high density shelving system that is approximately 30 feet high. The
items are retrieved by the ARCC resource support staff using an orderpicker (modified lift truck).
Access to Materials: Library materials, (materials with the catalogue location codes "ARCC Delivery Loan", ARCC Delivery Lib Use Only" ,"RDL Delivery
Loan", RDL Delivery Lib Use Only") are requested by students, faculty and staff at Western through an online form in the Shared Library Catalogue. Read
explanation of the location codes.
Items are pulled and sent to a pick-up location, selected by the
requestor, within 2 business days.
Monday -Friday, all year :processed requests are delivered to the Weldon circulation
desk once a day, by 10am. Shipments to other libraries leave the ARCC by truck by 9:30am
(please note that this schedule could be affected by statutory holidays).
Saturday and Sunday, summer term: requests for material are not processed on the
weekend. Requests received after mid-Friday are processed on Monday morning.
Saturday and Sunday, fall and winter terms: requests for material received after mid
Friday are processed on Sunday. There is one delivery to the Weldon circulation desk, by
11am for material where "Weldon Library Circulation Desk" is the selected pick-up location.
To learn more about requesting material, please click: How do I Get Materials from ARCC
or RDL.
Please note that Library items may not be requested through the public reading room in the ARCC. They must be requested through the Shared Library
Catalogue. If you are interested in requesting Regional or Special Collections items, please read Reading Room Requests (PDF).
Electronic Document Delivery: The ARCC and RDL also provide an Electronic Document Delivery service (EDD). EDD allows individuals to choose journals
in the Shared Library Catalogue and request specific articles. The articles are scanned by ARCC resource support staff and placed on a server. Requestors
are sent an email containing a link to the article as well as a password and PIN. To learn more about EDD please click on How Do I Request Electronic
Document Delivery. Please note that a valid Western ID is required for this service. This service is not to be confused with document delivery through
Interlibrary Loans.
Explanation of Location Codes
ARCC Delivery LOAN Location codes for low and medium use library materials stored
in the high density module. These items are retrieved through
the Shared Library Catalogue for delivery to pick up locations
throughout Western Libraries. Materials with these descriptions
may not be requested through the Reading Room. To access
these items, press the "Request Item" button in the catalogue
and enter name, University ID and pick up location. Get more
RDL Delivery LOAN
ARCC specol NO Loan Location codes for material found in closed stacks. To access
these items either telephone: 519 661-2111 ex. 81111, send
an email to Western Archives, or come to the Reading Room in
person and request that the item be retrieved. Plan ahead as
these items take at least 2 hours to retrieve. Get more
ARCC specol ovr NO LOAN
ARCC archives NO LOAN
ARCC rdg rm ref NO LOAN Location codes for material found in the ARCC Reading Room.
These materials can be used only in the Reading Room during
the hours of opening. ARCC rdg rm NO LOAN
ARCC rdg rm ovr NO Loan
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