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Request an Item from the Annex using Pegasus
If you find an item in Pegasus which is located in the Annex, you can often request the item directly in Pegasus:
1. Find the item in Pegasus, then click on the item's "Library and Call No."
In this example, you're looking for an issue of Biotropica.
2. In the resulting holdings screen, you see that the volume you want is located in the Annex. Scroll down to the specific volume/issue you need. Click
If the holdings screen for your item displays no details, nor any "request" buttons, go here.
You want an issue from 1985, volume 17. Find it and click "request."
3. You'll be prompted to "identify yourself." Enter your library card number and password (which, unless you've changed it, is the same as your library card
4. Hit "Send." Confirm your request by review and editing info as needed. Click "Send."
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