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University of Minnesota
Minnesota Library Access Center
Operating Principles and Guidelines
June 6, 2000
1. Minnesota Library Access Center
1.1 Introduction –The Minnesota Library Access Center (MLAC) is one of the units of the Elmer L. Andersen
Library at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus. In addition to MLAC, Elmer L. Andersen
Library houses eight special collections and archival units of the University of Minnesota and the central
office of the MINITEX Library Information Network. The Library is designed to address both a campus
need and a statewide library need:
a) It enables the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Libraries to consolidate important archives and
special collection into a designated climate-controlled facility.
b) Through MLAC, it provides high-density storage space for important, but less frequently used
collections owned by the University of Minnesota and other libraries throughout Minnesota.
MLAC provides an ideal climate and environment for print-based media.
Completed in 2000, the Elmer L. Andersen Library was funded through bonds approved by the Minnesota
Legislature in 1996.
1.2 Vision --As a shared depository for infrequently used library materials of importance to the people of
Minnesota, the Minnesota Library Access Center will provide a climate controlled environment and make
the deposited items accessible for use.
1.3 Description --Libraries may store important, but less frequently used collections in MLAC provided the
a) may be borrowed by other libraries for use by their patrons.
b) are not so fragile as to be unsuitable for use.
c) are compatible with high-density storage practices.
d) are print based.
No other restrictions apply, and no fees will be assessed for collection storage by Minnesota libraries.
Individual libraries decide which items will be transferred to MLAC using established guidelines and
their own criteria.
As a working guideline to determine overall space allocation, materials of the University of Minnesota,
Twin Cities Libraries will occupy approximately 60% of the MLAC facility, and material from other
Minnesota libraries will occupy the remaining 40%. MLAC’s planned capacity is 1.2 million volumes.
1. Governance
The University of Minnesota Librarian shall be responsible for administering MLAC. MINITEX is assigned
the responsibility for managing the facility’s day-to-day operation. The MLAC Advisory Board is charged
with developing guidelines and providing the vision for MLAC.
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