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7. Why is there a limit?
We do this for several reasons. The primary reason is the space constraints we have at the
circulation desk which is also home for Interlibrary Loan, holds, recalls, and reserve items. Also
we limit the requests because often there are several people in a class asking for the same
items. This limits someone from claiming all items that others might need. It is, however still
on a first come first serve basis.
8. How soon will I get my requests?
All items requested before 10:00 am will be received by 1:00 pm that same day. All items
requested before 1:00 pm will be received by 4:00 pm the same day. Any items requested
after 1:00 pm will be available by 1:00 pm the following business day. The annex does not
operate on the weekend or on official university holidays. All items request during these times
will be filled the following business day. Note: These are the general rules we try to live by,
however there are rare occasions when items will be delayed.
9. Will someone contact me when my request is available?
An email (for Graduates and Undergraduates) is automatically generated when the item is
placed on Hold. A printed letter is generated for Faculty and mailed the next business day.
10. What happens if there is a problem with my request?
Generally, due to amount of requests we receive, you will be notified through your Bamamail
email account if there is a problem. If there is no valid email address, we will make every
effort to contact you via the telephone. If we are unable to at least leave a message and you
have other requests that we were able to fill we will attach a notice to those items detailing
the problems with your other request.
11. What type of problems am I likely to run into with my requests?
This is no easy question to pin point. However, there are several categories in which most
unfilled requests fall. Many requests are for items that are too current to be housed at the
Annex. A general rule of thumb to be aware of is that most periodicals that are at the Annex
are from 1960 and prior (with the exception of the Science and Engineering series which are up
to 1980). We also have several items that are currently in storage at either Gorgas Library or
Farrah Hall. These items will eventually be moved to the Annex, but for now you will need to
go to the Gorgas Library Circulation desk and the Science and Engineering Library respectively
in order to retrieve these items. Also, be certain you are aware that for every individual
request you make you will need to specify the pick up location. For now the system defaults to
Gorgas Library. Be careful that you change it if that is not where you wish the item to go. We
have no way of knowing what you intended and will have to deliver it as stated.
12. How can I tell what is available from the Annex?
The best way to identify items that are in the annex is through the Libraries’ catalog. There is
a portion under each location labeled ’Library Has:” This will tell you what is currently available
from either the Annex or the original library the items were moved from. An Example:
Database: University of Alabama Libraries
Location: Annex (use Holds/Recalls/Requests button for retrieval)
Call Number: AP2 .N2
Copy number: 2
Number of Items: 1
Status: Not Checked out
Library Has: v.123
13. I’m not sure what I need. Can you help?
The best places to find information about any given subject are the Information Desks, which
are located in each of the branch libraries. The extremely helpful individuals in these
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