Remote Shelving Services · 33
If yes, please indicate which services are available for onsite users. Check all that apply. N=38
Photocopiers 32 84%
Reading room 31 82%
Computers 28 74%
Special equipment for viewing non-print media 17 45%
Wireless Internet connection 10 26%
Reference assistance 8 23%
Scanners 6 16%
Other 11 29%
Please describe other service(s).
Selected Comments from Respondents
“Circulation of materials.”
“Direct access to the collections (browsing).”
“Reference assistance and microfilm readers/printers available upstairs in the Undergraduate Library.”
“Research Study Rooms.”
“Service is by special arrangement at Cato Park. Public service hours are posted for Academic Activities two
mornings per week. Staff may make copies or scans with administrative equipment. There are no public copiers
or scanners available. Visitors are rare.”
“Study table for onsite reading (not really a reading room).”
“Tours by appointment only.”
“Turntable for LPs.”
“Very limited escorted access is available.”
“Will install scanner this year.”
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