Remote Shelving Services · 41
16. Who makes deliveries of the physical item or photocopy to a library or other campus location?
Library staff 35 58%
Remote shelving facility staff 24 40%
Campus mail service 13 22%
Contract courier service 8 13%
USPS 1 2%
Other 15 25%
Please explain other delivery service.
Selected Comments from Respondents
“Books and larger numbers of photocopies are delivered by campus mail service; articles are carried back from
storage by staff.”
“Combination of library staff-operated delivery service and facility staff-provided special runs.”
“Courier delivers to three central locations; materials are then redistributed by library staff.”
“Delivery service to all three of the TUG institutions is run by one institution’s (UW’s) Campus Mail/Central
Stores delivery service.”
“Full-time courier located at facility for weekdays; part-time courier and staff based at main campus for
“Library messenger service.”
“Library Shipping & Receiving.”
“MINITEX Delivery System provides statewide delivery using various delivery options: couriers, staff, UPS, US
mail, etc.”
“Often a combination of campus mail service to a central point and library mail service to another location.”
“Other universities’ courier services.”
“Student employees.”
“The Collections Access, Loan, and Management Division has several full-time CDL drivers and owns an air
conditioned truck that is used in the twice-daily run between Capitol Hill and Ft. Meade.”
“UPS to off-campus sites.”
“We have hired two library clerks who run between the various buildings to pick up and deliver the items to
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