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09/22/2006 04:26 PM Fondren Library: LSC Retrieval Request
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citations when your designation does not match that in WebCat (e.g. you have only year and
WebCat lists only volumes ...or vice versa) before placing a retrieval request. Lack of complete
and/or inaccurate information may lead to incorrect or delayed retrieval.
Libris call number:
Book/article author:
Book/journal title:
Volume #:
Page numbers will be used only to clarify needed part of multi-part volumes.
The LSC does not have the facilities to copy/scan/fax pages.
Notes to librarian:
Select Submit to submit your request.
What do these locations mean?
Storage items are volumes housed in Fondren Library's 20+ year closed-stack storage enclosure, located under
the east risers of the Rice Stadium. (As of October 2005, all items physically located in the Storage facility have
been transferred to the newer LSC facility. Final cleanup of items listed in WebCat (clearly no longer in the
Library's collection) is pending.
LSC stands for volumes housed in the new, state-of-the-art library high-density facility completed in 2004. The
facility is located at the South Campus (click here for additional information).
LSC-WRC items are materials from the Woodson Research Center (which owns rare materials and University
Archives) that are housed in the LSC. Items with this location designation can only be retrieved at the request
of the WRC staff and used in the Woodson Research Center under staff supervision. Contact the Woodson at
woodson@rice.edu or 713-348-2586 to arrange for use of these materials.
LSC-SPECL items are restricted-use materials that are housed in the LSC. Items with this location designation
can be retrieved without special staff permission, but can only be delivered to, and used in the Woodson
Research Center under staff supervision.
LSC-INPROCESS items cannot be retrieved. Please contact Interlibrary Loan
(http://rice.illiad.oclc.org/illiad/logon.html )to borrow a copy or check back in 2-3 days (LSC-INPROCESS items
change status to LSC daily, at which point they may be retrieved).
LSC-ANLYTC indicates the item is in the LSC (this designation is used when the bibliographic record is for an item
that is part of a monographic series, and the barcode has been "linked" to the bibligraphic record for that series
instead of to the individual monograph's bibliographic record). When the automatic request function is activated in
09/22/2006 04:26 PM Fondren Library: LSC Retrieval
WebCat, records with LSC-ANLYTC will not offer a 'retrieve' option -the user will need to locate the series record
and request retrieval from that record. Please contact the Reference Desk (713-348-5113) for assistance!
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