Remote Shelving Services · 31
Board (as voting members) for the storage facility.”
“Faculty were involved in selecting materials for storage based upon an understanding of retrieval times.”
Other Comments
“Public forums were held, surveys were sent out.”
“Surveys and direct input from faculty and the student body regarding 1) Access to the collection (direct and/
or page and delivery) 2) Paging frequency 3) Delivery points.”
“The librarians that would be sending materials were involved, not the patrons.”
“The original facility, Academic Activities Annex, was first loaded in 1986. At the time, faculty were consulted
about their needs for access. Those needs were satisfied by public service hours, book shipments, and
telefacsimile transmission.”
“The services were planned based on the needs of our community such as operating hours, providing a
reading room, installing large tables for oversized materials, and daily deliveries to the central library.”
“The user community involved was the custodial divisions at the Library of Congress whose material was
designated for transfer. We had extensive meetings to discuss what to transfer, service requirements, support
requirements (photocopying, etc.)”
9. What services does the facility offer to your library’s patrons? N=62
Retrieval of items from the facility 62 100%
Delivery of copies of items 36 58%
Assistance identifying items in the facility (verifying
citations, searching for correct journal volume, etc.) 36 58%
Photographs of items 8 13%
Other 24 39%
Please describe other service(s).
Selected Comments from Respondents
Scanning and Electronic Delivery
“Desktop delivery of articles via ILLiad.”
“Delivery of scanned articles via e-mail.”
“Desktop PDF delivery.”
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