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661-2111 ex. 81111, send an email to Western Archives, or come to the Reading Room in person
and request that the item be retrieved. Plan ahead as these items take at least 2 hours to
retrieve. Get more information.
ARCC specol ovr NO LOAN
ARCC archives NO LOAN
ARCC rdg rm ref NO LOAN Location codes for material found in the ARCC Reading Room. These materials can be used only
in the Reading Room during the hours of opening. ARCC rdg rm NO LOAN
ARCC rdg rm ovr NO Loan
How do I cite the material that I use?
In citing archival and photographic material, credit the name of the department and the collection to which the materials belong.
The name of the department or repository is: The University of Western Ontario Archives.
The name of the collection may be (if applicable): The J. J. Talman Regional Collection or the James Alexander and Ellen Rea Benson Special Collections.
What do I need to know about copyright?
All manuscript/ archival records and photographs are subject to copyright. Patrons are advised that it is their responsibility to secure permission from the
copyright owner to publish from unpublished manuscripts in which literary property rights are retained or to publish from a work subject to copyright.
Can I photocopy the materials?
Photocopying is allowed only upon review and approval by the staff. Photocopying may be refused if
material is fragile
conservation is required
material is available in another format (eg. microform) Staff assisted photocopying may be available for some fragile items.
(note: photocopier is not coin operated. Charge is paid at the desk)
self-serve $0.10 per page.
staff assisted $1.00 per page.
Is microform copying available?
There is one microfilm/fiche reader-printer available in the ARCC reading room. There are additional machines in the Microform Centre in The D. B. Weldon
(note: photocopier is not coin operated. Charge is paid at the desk)
$0.10 per copy.
Note: 1 new machine in The D. B. Weldon Library only accepts a copy/ debit card.
Can I make copies of photographs, maps etc.?
For information please see the Reproduction Services Policy.
What is included with records management?
Records Management Services
Classification system design
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