Remote Shelving Services · 47
The LDRF has been open just seven months and so we
have not yet evaluated services or added new services.
The Library Service Center is two years old. Previously, the
library relied upon a legacy storage area without adequate
environmental or security controls and where retrieval
service was spotty.
The portion of the central library dedicated to shelving
was at, or exceeding, full capacity (all areas of the
building which could feasibly be converted to shelving had
been). The campus has no plans to dedicate exceedingly
rare on-campus space to library needs, leading to a
growth plan which relies exclusively on offsite housing
and preservation of library collections.
The whole facility is a new service. Space problems on main campus, in both main library and
Walk-in hours (10am–2pm, Monday–Friday). Surveys and direct input from the faculty and students.
We have added a third daily retrieval of requested items. To meet higher demand and patron expectations.
We just started scanning journal articles for faculty in
January 2006.
We recently implemented faster delivery of requests.
Previously it was two business days now a dedicated
courier delivers in 6–30 hours (as of December 2005).
Next month we will be implementing electronic article
Complaints by faculty members about the turnaround
Weekend retrieval, scanning. Move of main collection offsite.
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